The Fund

As a fund unique to the university, the University of Tsukuba Fund, which is financed by your contributions and management gains, is seeking an improvement of support for students of the University of Tsukuba and schoolchildren and pupils of the laboratory schools through support structures including the Association for Student Support in the University of Tsukuba (Shihokai) japanese and the University of Tsukuba Support Association for International Students and student support systems including the Tsukuba Scholarship. In addition, we are helping to promote our university’s activities that benefit education, research, and society through projects by university administration.

Fund-raising Target of the University of Tsukuba Fund

10 Billion Yen

Suggested Contribution

At least 1,000 yen. If you would like to contribute securities or real estate properties, please contact us.
In addition, for a contribution paid either out of a credit card or taxable income, each unit of contribution is 1,000 yen. You are welcome to contribute as many units as you would like.