Entering the era of the mature society, we are facing daunting challenges not previously experienced. The university’s mission is to try new things, develop unexplored fields, create leading-edge and inventive minds through high quality education and research, develop outstanding global human resources of the next generation, call for solutions to challenging problems, and open the way to the future.
In conformity to this mission, it is hoped the university will strengthen its 4 functions of achieving outstanding education, strongly promoting human resource development and academic research, contributing as a central core of regional development, and promoting active international exchange and philanthropy in order to achieve national recovery and sustainable development.
In addition to financial support and support for international exchange activities for able and motivated youth who will take over future society, the University of Tsukuba Fund is aiming to support academic research and regional contribution activities and strengthen linkages between the university and society.
The University of Tsukuba Fund is being funded from your contributions. Any result obtained through the university’s public role under the auspices of your continuing support is returned to future society.
In addition, we want the University of Tsukuba Fund to also be a step forward for cooperation toward realizing a vibrant society of mutual support traditionally brought up by Japanese society, where each of us tries to be helpful in one’s capacity.
We trust that you will understand the goal of the University of Tsukuba Fund and thank you for your support.