• Use of Your Contributions

Use of Your Contributions

<Support 1> Achievement of Outstanding Education and Development of Human Resources

In order for the students to study, think, and imagine on their own initiatives in a campus rich in nature and lead the future, they will be provided financial support for their school life.

Contents of the Support

Financial Support for Students

In the development of able and motivated youth who will take over future society, economic gap must not lead to education gap and an environment favorable for fulfilling their potential is needed. For this purpose support is necessary.

  • Support the everyday life of excellent students.
  • Support students taking on leading-edge and inventive research.
  • Support students with disabilities.
  • Support career formation and employment.

Support for the Extracurricular Activities of Students and Groups

As authorized groups for extracurricular activities in the University of Tsukuba, there are 131 groups in total: 42 cultural groups, 57 athletic groups, and 32 artistic groups. Each group is very active.
In order for the students to develop their personality and full potential, we support these extracurricular activities, which are important for character formation, in cooperation with associations for student support (including the Shihokai).

Support for the Activities of Laboratory Schools

We support the international exchange activities or extracurricular activities of the schoolchildren and pupils in the 11 laboratory schools that play an important role in Japan’s elementary and secondary education or special needs education.

Support for the Exchange Activities between the University and Alumni

At present, the alumni of the University of Tsukuba and our forerunner, Tokyo University of Education, are active in their respective areas. We support the exchange activities between the university and alumni through events including the homecoming day and communication tools to establish a network with these alumni.

<Support 2> International Exchange and Development of Global Human Resources

International Students Hosted by the President

International Students

As an international university, which respects diverse values, we support the increase in the level of academic research and development of global human resources with an international outlook through international exchange.

Contents of the Support

  • Support for Exchange Programs of Japanese Students
    We support the short-term exchange program to more than 200 partner universities abroad. In addition, we also support attendance at academic conferences, symposiums, and seminars or the long-term exchange program abroad.
  • Support for Japanese and international student-centered joint student symposiums, etc.
    Nearly 2,000 international students are in our university and we support domestic and international student symposiums, student rallies, and group activities intended to advance active exchange between Japanese and international students.
  • Financial Support for International Students
    We extend financial support to excellent international students (degree students, non-degree research students, etc.).
  • Support for Researcher Exchange
    We support the promotion of academic exchange including the holding of international symposiums and invitation of excellent foreign researchers and international research activities including the overseas dispatch of our teaching staff.

<Support 3> Promotion of World-class Academic Research

We support research that creates leading-edge and inventive minds and takes the leading role for innovation to try new things and develop unexplored fields.

Contents of the Support

We support the improvement and enhancement of various research activities and projects or research environments based on the following principles.

  • To pursue in-depth expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines on nature and human beings, society and culture, to positively work to develop new academic fields that reaches beyond existing academic disciplines, and to develop internationally distinguished research activities.
  • To aim at focusing on collaboration with research institutes and industries, to create new innovation and then to give back the results to the real world as a core part of the Tsukuba Science City.
  • To develop international research activities, to produce high quality research results and then to disseminate to the world as an open university around the world including Asia.

<Support 4> Regional Contribution as a Center of Knowledge

Contents of the Support

Using the university's human and material resources, we support social contributions and regional partnerships that comes in many forms in society.

  • Support for Regional Contribution Activities
    We support regional contribution activities and projects by university and teaching staff or students.
  • Support for Human Resource Development
    We support the development of human resources who can contribute to society.
  • Support for Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Activities
    We support earthquake disaster reconstruction and rebirth activities.

Specific Fund

Statue of Dr. Jigoro Kan

The specific fund is a fund set up for the implementation of a specified project by the university. In the past, there were two time-limited projects, the project for the 150th anniversary of Dr. Jigoro Kano's birth and the project for the monument of the birthplace of the Tokyo Moa Gakko (Tokyo School for the Blind and the Mute) and the Japan Braille system.
The University of Tsukuba Sports Association-subsidized Project and the Tsukuba University Hospital Support Services (contributions to the hospital) are specific funds that seek support for projects of unlimited duration.

<Support 5> University of Tsukuba Sports Association (TSA) Project

The University of Tsukuba’s sport resources are unlike any other universities and we provide the following support based on sports resources including related competitions along with athlete and team development and improvement undertaken so far by individual sports teams in order to facilitate the development of these resources.

Contents of the Support

  • Project Aimed at Strengthening Sports Teams
    We support the provision of coaches to sports teams or travel arrangements to tournaments.
  • Athlete Support Project
    We support the training, provision, and schooling of trainers.
  • Project for Information Dissemination and Promotion
    We put out information including information dissemination via the Internet (TSUKUBA SPORTS ONLINE), sports writer training, club online journal (TSUKUBA SPORTS NEWS FLASH) publication, and planning of exhibitions about sports teams and athletes.
  • Social Contribution Project
    We offer sports lessons or lecture meetings for coaches.
  • Sports Team Support Services
    Uniforms follow the same color for the Tsukuba color. We produce cheering goods and loan them during competitions.

<Support 6> Tsukuba University Hospital Support Services (Contributions to the Hospital)

New Hospital Ward Exterior

The Tsukuba University Hospital accepts contributions from business and individual donors for the enrichment of medical education, academic research, education, and training and hospital administration and, as a result of these, the hospital contributes to regional partnership support or social contributions.

Contents of the Support

  • Improvement of the Hospital Interior and Exterior Environments
    For patients to live a comfortable life with medical treatment, we support the improvement of the hospital interior and exterior environments.
  • Healthcare Technology Improvement
    We support the development of health professionals and are seeking to raise the level of healthcare.
  • Strengthening of Hospital Functions
    We support the enhancement of education, research, and hospital administration and are seeking the strengthening of the functions of the Tsukuba University Hospital as a bastion of high level and state-of-the-art healthcare.