Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my receipt. Can I get another copy?

Yes. Please contact us for a reissue of your receipt. Please note that the word "再発行 (reissued)" will be printed on the new copy.

I haven't yet received my receipt.

We will issue and send you a receipt after we received your gift through the card issuer (i.e. approximately 1-2 months).

What are the tax benefits of making a gift to the University of Tsukuba Fund?

All gifts to the University of Tsukuba Fund are tax deductible in Japan. For further information, see Tax Benefits Information.

I planning to make a gift on this December. Will my gift qualify for this year's tax deduction?

To qualify for this year's tax deduction, your gift must be made by December 15. A receipt of a gift made after December 16 will be issued on the date of the following year, which means that the gift amount will be carried forward to the following tax year for deduction under the Japanese tax system.

Can I give regularly?

Yes. We have a recurring gift program by which you can give monthly by credit card. If you are employed by the University, you can give by payroll deducti