Achievement of Outstanding Education and Development of Human Resources

The University of Tsukuba has ten thousand undergraduates and seven thousand graduate students.

Educational activities

■Financial support for students

As one of our efforts to provide an environment for every student to maximize their potential abilities, regardless of their financial situation, we support the students with economic difficulties.


■Supporting extracurricular activity groups

There are 145 authorized groups for extracurricular activities in the University of Tsukuba: 37 cultural groups, 75 athletic groups, and 33 artistic groups (as of April 2016). We encourage the students to actively participate in extracurricular activities which is great opportunity to enrich their campus lives and foster creativity, leadership and communication skills.


■School events

The university festival "Soho-sai (literally, the twin peaks festival)" is held every November by the executive committee of students. Every year, about 30,000 visitors enjoy not only the refreshment stalls, but also the academic programs unique to the science city, art exhibitions and stage performances in one of the largest university campus in Japan.
On the other hand, the dormitory festival "Yadokari-sai (literally, the hermit crab festival)" is held every May in the Hirasuna area where many student dormitories stand side by side, to provide an opportunity for the local residents as well as the new students to communicate with each other.

Support Achievement of Outstanding Education and Development of Human Resources