University of Tsukuba Sports Association (TSA) Project

The University of Tsukuba Sports Association (TSA) was founded in 2010 to build top athletes teams and support promotion of university-wide sports activities. TSA aims at activating not only sports activities but relevant fields of education and research by leveraging rich sports resources in the University of Tsukuba. It also offers a sense of unity with the University to the local people through multiple sports-related approaches.

Use of Gifts to the TSA Project

■Sports Team Training Project

TSA is carrying out a project to send assistant coaches, which are mainly graduate students of the University of Tsukuba, to each sports team to strengthen the teams and train sports instructors. Also, the association hosts a coach forum for coaches, assistant coaches, former students and sports instructors from outside the university.

■TSA Trainer Team

TSA created trainer's certification system to support sports teams of the University of Tsukuba.
The association evaluates TSA trainer applicants on their knowledge, skills and motivation, classify them into four levels and conduct periodic rank up tests. In order to support TSA trainers’ skill improvement, the association invites lecturers who have extensive experience as a trainer from a wide range of fields and conducts compulsory seminars twice a year that include lectures and practical training. For better performance of athletes, the association encourages sports teams to accompany TSA trainers, and has established a system to subsidize transportation expenses and send trainers when needed. TSA also actively respond to requests from off-campus organizations for sending trainers upon hosting sports events.

■Hakone Ekiden Team Revitalizing Project

The University of Tsukuba has illustrious history of participating in Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race for more than 60 times (including results of Tokyo Higher Normal School and Tokyo University of Education).
However, the university have not qualified for the Race since 1994, that is, for over two decades. In order to bring about breakthrough in current situation, TSA launched the project and the track and field team is working hard to participate in Hakone Ekiden. Another purpose of the project is to help students develop inquisitive mind, practical power and autonomy through activities to participate in Hakone Ekiden, and succeed in society after graduation.


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