Donations of used books, DVDs, CDs and game software packages are welcome and appreciated!
The items will be assessed and purchased by our partner company. The money from the sale of the items will be paid to the University of Tsukuba Fund. To make a BOOK DONATION, please complete the online form or make a phone call.

The instructions are written in Japanese.


Make a phone call for BOOK DONATION

Book Donation Process


Items We Accept

・Books with ISBN
・Game software packages

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books published internationally. An ISBN is printed on the back cover of a book.


We are sorry we are unable to accept books without ISBNs, privately printed books, encyclopedias, convenience store comics and magazines.

If an unacceptable book was accidentally mixed in your parcel, we do not return the unacceptable book, or charge extra shipping costs even if the number of the acceptable items turns out to be less than 5.


Who is to pay the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for less than 5 items are at your own expense. For 5 or more items, free shipping is available.

Are there any restrictions by age to make a BOOK DONATION?

Yes. Anyone under 18 needs to have their parent(s) or guardian(s) to make an application.

Are books with pencil marks, such as checks and lines, accepted?

Yes. Books with marks are accepted, though their purchase price will decrease by a certain amount.

What happens to books determined to have no resale value?

Books without resale value will be donated to school libraries and international research institutions.

Are there any tax benefits of making a BOOK DONATION?

Yes. A BOOK DONATION is treated as equivalent to a gift of cash and therefore tax deductible in Japan. When you make a BOOK DONATION, please tell us whether you want us to send you a gift receipt. You need a photocopy of identification to be enclosed in your parcel to receive a gift receipt.

About Used Book Collection Boxes on Campus


We have set up a used book collection box in each Academic Support Office and the Administration Center on Tsukuba Campus.
Please contact your nearest Academic Support Office or the Office of Development for the whereabouts of the boxes.
We don't issue receipts for books in the used book collection boxes since they are treated as anonymous gifts.


If you have any questions about BOOK DONATION, email VALUE BOOKS at or call at 0120-826-292 (Toll-free number. You can't call from outside Japan) during the following times:
Monday-Saturday 10AM - 9PM JST
Sunday 10AM - 5PM JST

We are sorry but a telephone inquiry in English to VALUE BOOKS is not available.