Message from the President


The mission of the university is to foster human resources who can create knowledge to create a sound and happy future society and lead it. Fundamentally, this would be unchanged. However, the meaning of learning and the university are being questioned these days in a globalizing world in tumult.


Advances in science and technology have brought about innovations in society. However, at the same time, they have created many problems with astonishing rapidity including problems with energy and resources, problems for industries and economic revitalization, and problems facing food, demographic composition, and unequal society. Moreover, we must share these problems on a global basis and go and find opportunities for resolution. While having a consciousness of being a member of the earth and global community, I think the university and people at the university are required to go and challenge the resolution of these problems. The University of Tsukuba believes it is a university that will lead the way in these challenges.


Japan’s economic condition is very different from the days when the economy expanded year after year. But now the university is compelled not to shrink. On the contrary, the university needs to make an investment toward educational and research innovations to create knowledge and foster human resources to defy this situation. In particular, it is important that we foster an environment that develops and stimulates abilities of the youth who will take over the earth and global society of the future. In the interest of the creation of knowledge, the university remains an appealing university for the youth, develops a system where the youth can study the world as a campus, at the same time needs a system to support independent students.


To realize this, the “TSUKUBA FUTURESHIP” was created. FUTURESHIP is a coined term from the words future, scholarship, and ship (the university itself is regarded as a ship toward the future). Locally, nationally, and globally active students and our university ask you to continue your support.


Kyosuke Nagata
President ,University of Tsukuba