Regional Contribution as a Hub of Knowledge

By taking advantage of our strength of covering a wide range of disciplines, we promote regional collaboration activities aimed at giving intellectual achievements back to the society.

Regional contribution activities


■Contribution to the Environment

 As a member of the Tsukuba 3E (Environment, Energy and Economy) Forum, the University of Tsukuba cooperates with Ibaraki prefecture, the city of Tsukuba and research institutes in the city in order to realize the purpose of “reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the city of Tsukuba by 50% by 2030”.


■Social Contribution Project

Social contribution project is a project that publicly invites and supports collaborative activities with local communities by faculty, staff and student groups.
So far, many projects including the following were carried out:
・“The Regional and Social Contribution Project through Experiential Science Education Using the Ultra Small Satellite”, in which science promotion for junior high and high school students using a satellite developed by the University and currently orbiting the Earth were conducted;
・”Summer Day Camp & Art Exploration 2017”, in which visual art education for children in Tsukuba city and neighboring municipalities were conducted;
・“Yumehanabi (Dream Fireworks) 2016”, in which fireworks designed from pictures painted by children attending or entering the University of Tsukuba Hospital were launched at the university festival.



■Extension courses

We have offered various extension courses for the public to enrich their education and develop abilities required in their own professional or actual life.
Many participants have learned in the courses; that is, for general citizens, educational courses to send out research results in various fields, sports classes such as kendo and golf, and arts classes such as Japanese paintings and oil paintings.

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